Portland, OR - A Personal Project

How to tell my story of Portland…I guess I could start with preconceptions. Portland is weird. Portland is creative. Portland is free-spirited. Let’s just say all of these preconceptions turned out to be true, but were all wrapped up in such a comfortable and welcoming yet entirely different and foreign environment. As cliche as it might sound, when a mass population isn’t afraid to express creativity within commerce, interesting things come about. 

I knew I only had 2 and a half days to experience a city that I had heard so much about, and was anxious to try and squeeze in as much as possible. After a delicious breakfast on the first day of biscuits and gravy (sorry not pictured here because I didn’t want my face buried in my camera the ENTIRE trip), it was only natural to top off a full belly with a donut. And what better place to go for a donut in Portland than Voodoo Donuts? So much pink, so much sugar, so much personality! I had the camera turned on me by my equally enthralled boyfriend, Dalton, as I enjoyed my Dubble Bubble donut. 


Don’t worry, though, as soon as we reached the river, Hawthorne bridge, and downtown area, I turned the camera back in his direction. This area was quite similar to other cities that I had been to before, but retained a certain amount of quiet within the busyness. Passing boats and street paintings melded with runners, bikers, and drivers to create a sort of effortless harmony. 

All this feeling of harmony and quiet was only multiplied, though, as we made our way to the Japanese Gardens. A canopy of green overhead, the soft ripple of streams and fountains, and the subtle kiss of diffused light on each and every surface made this fantastic place the very definition of zen. 

When our adventures were finally concluded on the third day, I chronicled some more of the mundane surroundings inside and outside of our vehicle on the way back home to Utah. I learned in the garden that I needed to try to appreciate each moment equally, even the less exciting moments. The light was perfectly golden as the sun set on our illuminating weekend, and I was thankful that I have this life to live and the time to experience it to the fullest.