Anna, Jenn, Charlie, and Allie - Pet and Owner Session

Two dogs in the same photoshoot? I had done it once before, but they were tiny chihuahuas. I’ll have to admit, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to grab both dogs attention. As I prepared for my Camillus Erie Canal photoshoot with Charlie and Allie and their loving owners Anna and Jenn, I started worrying less and less about always getting their attention, and more about capturing the moment and the dog’s curiosity with a new area to explore. 

Charlie was such a handsome boy - a Pit Bull rescue with beautiful eyes and such a happy personality. His adopted sister, Allie (also a rescue) was a Black Lab and Collie mix with a more timid nature, but the same gorgeous eyes and a definite sense of adventure. One of my favorite photos of her I captured on the bridge during the time that she had sauntered off from the rest of the group for some alone time. That’s what I love about photographing pets, though. If your dog doesn’t necessarily want to play by the rules, that’s perfectly fine! I’m happy to step back and wait for a moment of real personality rather than force it

The group of four had so much fun taking photos on the bridges, benches, porches, and trails of Camillus Erie Canal Park as the sun set. I was once again moved by the truly contented nature that these two dogs displayed as they interacted with Anna and Jenn. It just goes to show you that no matter what kind of background a dog comes from, their is always hope for them to find a better home with caring and nurturing pet parents. These two are so lucky to have found Anna and Jenn!

I had so much fun on this photoshoot as I’m sure both dogs and their owners did as well. Looking forward to the next one! 

Special thanks as always to the lovely Mary Grace Johnson for braving countless mosquitoes and squeaking the squeak toy with such enthusiasm!