Chelsea and Daniel - Engagement Session

As my big move across the country is soon approaching, I am so delighted that Chelsea contacted me for an engagement session in January! We set a date, rescheduled due to sub-zero temperatures, and finally found an alternate day where the sun was up and the air was tolerable. The setting was quite a perfect one as it was on Chelsea’s grandmother’s property, a beautiful area in the country. The red barn and the green pine trees provided some lovely contrasting color to the snowy surroundings, and I couldn’t wait to get started on our session!

Even though many couples would scoff at the idea of going out into the snow and chill of such a desolate month, Chelsea and Daniel embraced the cold as they held each other close. Chelsea’s engagement ring certainly was such a magnificent detail that could not easily be overlooked at it gleamed in the morning sun. As I look back, I can only imagine what my clients think of me as I throw myself around in various snow piles to get just the right angle. This session was certainly a test of how well I had prepared by layering! I also simply love working with couple of considerable difference in height, as so many cute poses are made possible.

Before long, it was time for Ms. Lucy to make her debut, and emerge from the warmth of the house for a few photos. This little fur child was clearly quite loved by both Chelsea and Daniel as they worked together to keep her warm during each pose.

Thank you again Chelsea, Daniel, and Lucy for embracing the winter weather and having such cooperative attitudes throughout our session! I very much enjoyed working with all three of you, and am again reminded why I love getting my camera out first thing in the morning. No better way to start the day!