Marie and Corey - Winter Wedding at Bella Domani

How do I begin to describe the amount of joy that was present at Marie and Corey’s wedding? I’m not sure that I can in words, so luckily there are photographs! Sometimes, as a photographer, you share, for maybe just a split second, in the emotion that is happening at the other side of the lens. This could not have been more true than at this particular event. I think that some of the most meaningful images are created when the subjects in front of you just forget that you are taking their picture because they are so wrapped up in each other. For this reason, I was overjoyed with the following photos and I’m sure the happily married couple will be as well!

Bella Domani hall in North Syracuse was a warm haven from the bitter chill of the outdoor on this night of December 28th. Marie and Corey had already amassed a wonderful collection of cards with well wishes from their eager guests, bags with guest favors were ready to be handed out, and the delicious cake proudly displayed a symbol of love at its top. 

Marie’s daughter Brooke beamed a smile as she also shared in the happiness that was about to take place. Soon it was time, and Corey could barely hold back the tears as his long-awaited beautiful wife, Marie, walked down the aisle. Emotional and entirely heartfelt vows were said amongst the admiring smiles of the close friends and family who joined in this celebration. Before you know it, though, it was time for the big kiss and the walk back down the aisle as two became one. 

I’m so glad that I chased the newlyweds out into their hiding place in the hallway, because the joy was still extremely fresh on both of their faces, and you could just see the both of them absolutely glowing! It was then the perfect opportunity to step out into the icy cold for literally a minute to snap just a few snowy couple photos. 

After this brief chilly break from their guests, Marie and Corey returned to the warmth to be announced for their first dance. The display of affection continued as they danced to what seemed to be a favorite song of both of theirs (Marie and Corey, you’ll have to remind me again what that song was!). All of the music played during this wedding, with the exception of a few line dances, was quite unique! 

Family photos were taken shortly thereafter, and Marie’s daughter, Brooke joined in for a dance that involved a lot of spinning and a lot of laughing. Couldn’t help but smile as I watched! There were then the previously mentioned line dances, some adorable twins, an equally adorable baby, and some tender moments between an older couple. These are just brief snippets of the night, as each and every guest fully enjoyed themselves and displayed smiles almost as big as Corey and Marie’s. 

As always, thank you one million times over to the incredibly cooperative and incredibly smitten couple! Corey and Marie, you made my job quite easy by just unashamedly showing how wildly in love you were. It warmed my heart to hear the story of your relationship, and I along with many others are extremely happy that you found each other. True love still exists! It was proven on this chilly night on the 28th of December.