Diamond's Summer Pet Session

When Darlene, the enthusiastic and fun-loving owner of Diamond first signed her up for a session, I immediately started imagining the possibilities. Darlene had informed me that her dog loved to stay active, was basically half fish, and was ALWAYS in and out of their pool. Darlene had also just purchased a Swarovski crystal collar from Auburn Leather Company. Black lab in blue water put the most vibrant picture in my head at that moment, and I couldn’t wait to capture that specific scene through my lens.


Finally the time came to go and visit Diamond at her beautiful home. As soon as I stepped through the front gate, I was greeted with such excitement and energy from the beautiful dark-haired girl! This energy quickly made me realize that Diamond was not going to necessarily play by the rules and “sit pretty”. I would have to capture her beauty the natural way and on her own terms. I thought to myself, “Bring it on!” 

We started off this muggy summer evening with countless retrievals of Diamond’s favorite tennis ball catapulted from a very cool ball launcher. Diamond’s friend and neighbor also came to join in on the fun, but always found himself in the rear as she tore through the grass.


Soon, though, the heat became too exhausting and we thought it was the perfect time to transition to pool photos. These photos were made even more fun with the addition of a bubble machine, and a whole new challenge for Diamond to try to catch every one of them in her teeth. 


As if running in the yard, swimming, and chasing bubbles weren’t enough fun, the night was not complete without a final celebratory doggy sundae! Diamond may have been made to wait a little longer than she desired for this treat, but once it was placed directly in front of her, all was right with the world. 


All in all, this photo session was an absolute blast! Such great fun for everyone involved, especially the star of the show “Lady Di”


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