"Lucky Dogs" - Mini Sessions

This past Sunday was filled with smiles as four unique dogs and their owners came out to my “Lucky Dogs Mini-Sessions”. Skies were cloudy, but the rain held off in just enough time for me to capture all the personality that my furry subjects had to offer. 


First on the list was a joyful little Pomeranian named Maggie May. She was immediately full of excitement and was so eager to introduce herself to me and my assistant. If I had to describe Maggie in one word I would pick ‘content’. You could certainly tell that she was living a very fulfilled life with her owner Fay, and was always in the most positive of spirits. 


Secondly, we had an extremely well-behaved boy name Cal. Cal is a gorgeous Golden Retriever who enjoyed exploring the rocks near the river, stopping for a quick drink, fetching his favorite ball, and just spending time with his owners Len and Cathy. He tolerated the cute little sunflower that I brought along. Hardly fitting for such a regal man as himself, but cute nonetheless. My heart was warmed when he sat as close to me as possible in the grass and rested his chin on my leg. I almost wanted to dognap him for my own, but figured he was in good hands with his current pet parents!


Last but certainly not least, a very sophisticated Chihuahua couple named Carlos and Poppy made their way over the bridge for their photo session. Their owner Andrea had previously told me about their less than desirable beginnings. Both were rescued from detestable hoarding cases, and were beyond lucky to have found themselves thriving in a good home. Handsome little Carlos sported a pink bowtie with birds on it, and was so tiny I’m sure he would’ve been knocked over by a gust of wind. Poppy, adorned with some lovely pearls, ran around with her tongue hanging out (due to the fact that she no longer had any teeth) exploring the field and flowers with great curiosity. 



I drove back home from these three sessions with such a good feeling in my heart. I really could feel the love and care that these owners had for each of their dogs, and it made me so happy that they had all found each other!


Special thanks to Amy, the owner of Lucky Dogs Canine Services in Skaneateles, NY for pitching the idea for these mini sessions to me in the first place. And also for helping me to promote them using her business’ reputable name and passing out fliers in her storefront space. If you are a dog owner in need of dog-walking, grooming, supplies, etc. definitely visit Lucky Dogs and see all that they have to offer!