Michayla, Justin, and Remi - Pet and Owner Session

The sky was cloudy, the air was thick, the lake was emerald green, and Remi was ready to explore! Last Wednesday’s pet and owner session proved yet again, that I am not always holding the reins to every pet photoshoot. Remi had his own ideas about how he would enjoy his time in the limelight, and his owners Michayla and Justin were simply along for the ride. I learned from my time with these three, though, that chaos can be oh so much fun! 

Even though Remi was extremely interested in meeting everyone at Green Lakes State Park, my lovely assistant Mary Grace and I were able to snag a few moments of attention from this little guy before he was off to the races again. Michayla and Justin seemed to be quite accustomed to their little fur child’s antics, and were extremely patient with him the entire time. It was truly lovely to see such a great relationship between the three members of this little family. It is quite remarkable how dogs very often bring out the best sides of their owners without having to speak a word. 

Before long, Remi had tired of the dry parts of the park, and was just itching to dive into the watery goodness of the lake. His playful and mischievous nature came out in full force as he played hard to get with his favorite water toy. In and out and in and out of the water, he could not seem to get enough of this new version of fetch. 

All in all this session was energizing, ever-changing, and kept me on my toes at every moment. I can’t thank Michayla and Justin enough for showing up looking their best, being extremely cooperative with all of my ideas, and for keeping little Remi happy and interested throughout our time. I hope these photos bring a smile to your face and brighten your day each time you see them.