Samantha, Mark, and Lucy - Pet Portrait Session

Just as I was going through withdrawals for photographing adorable dogs and their owners, Samantha came to the rescue with a request for a Pet Portrait Session with her husband, Mark, and their adorable dog Lucy! I had just recently had the pleasure of photographing Samantha and Mark’s wedding day in September, and couldn’t wait to meet up with them again at their new recently-purchased house! 

No sooner had I arrived at the front door and begun my setup in the fenced-in backyard, Lucy came barreling down the back porch steps to meet me. I was instantly in love and so excited to begin photographing this little bundle of energy. I could already tell that she had quite the personality and was such a wonderfully unique little Frenchie! 

Although Lucy was very largely motivated by treats from both mom and dad, I could definitely also feel the love as she snuggled between them for a few family photos. She also loved being cradled by Mark and having her neck scratched by Samantha. I was even lucky enough to be stampeded and showered with kisses by this happy little girl on multiple occasions during our short time together. 

When she had tired of photos in the backyard, we concluded our fabulous pet portrait session with some photos on the front porch of Samantha and Mark’s beautiful new home. It was so nice to see them moving forward with this next major step in their lives together as a married couple! Lucy proudly posed on the welcome mat and sat so obediently for a few moments despite the very tempting distraction of doggy neighbors in the house across the street. She then received a final kiss from both of her loving owners and everyone returned to the comfort and warmth of inside.

Thanks again to Samantha and Mark for approaching me for a portrait session after our time together at their wedding! I am always thrilled to have repeat clients, and I am honored to be able to be a part of the life and memories of these two wonderful people!