Zumba with Dar - Auburn Public Theater

I knew little to nothing about this thing they call Zumba before Darlene approached me for her photoshoot. After hearing about how much fun her and her class usually had, though, I couldn’t wait to find out! We scheduled a day, I did some Youtube video research, outfits were coordinated, and this exciting shoot came to life!

The session began on a cloudy and damp Thursday morning outside of the Auburn Public Theater. Darlene’s weekly class, “Zumba with Dar” was to begin very soon; however, Darlene wanted to take a bit of time beforehand for some updated portraits of herself. This little corner of Downtown Auburn, NY provided some very interesting pops of color and textures that complimented Darlene’s bright personality so well. I enjoyed my time with her, coaxing more than a few giggles and natural smiles that brought her inner and outer beauty to the forefront.

Before long, though, it was time to take a portrait or two in the studio, and to prepare for the arriving class. As soon as this great group of women started to flood in, I knew that I was going to be able to capture some great moments!

The class began with a few dances in plain gym clothes, but Darlene had something special also planned for this day. With Halloween fast-approaching, she had brought along some very sparkly, jingly, and festive costumes! Each participant eagerly picked out her costume and began the next workout with a smile. 

Although I only stayed for a short portion of this class, I want to be sure to thank each and every one of these fabulous ladies for allowing me to photograph them! You all gave such a great performance and provided myself and Darlene with truly great images that I’m sure will help her classes to attract many more eager participants! 

Thank you as well to Darlene at Zumba with Dar for approaching me in the first place and organizing all of the little details so flawlessly. 

Check out her Facebook page here! https://www.facebook.com/ZumbaWithDar/

Happy Halloween!