Tabone Family Session - Emerson Park

As the sun began to start into it’s descent in the sky, the Tabone’s family session began at Emerson Park in Auburn, NY. Everyone was in a great mood and more than eager to have some fun taking photos. The most excited member of the family, though, was the also the youngest and the furriest - Ms. Pearl! She was certainly looking her best after a fresh grooming and was resembling the softest teddy bear I had ever seen. She eagerly walked with her family members strutting her stuff and stealing the show entirely.

The family dog may seem to be an extra challenge during a photo session at first, but I feel as though they help to lighten everyone’s mood, make everyone less nervous, and provide endless laughs throughout the duration of the time. Pearl was an excellent example of this as she ran with her “brothers”, posed for a second or two with “mom and dad”, and took a brief moment to enjoy the grass and sunshine. 

I feel as though a successful photoshoot should begin and end with everyone smiling, and this was certainly the case with the Tabone’s family photoshoot. All five members looked fantastic in their complimentary colors, and were so amazingly cooperative in helping me to create some genuinely happy images of a close-knit family. Thanks to all of you for coming out and playing in the leaves!