Sunrise at Montezuma - An October Personal Project

Although I struggle daily to wake up at the time that I think I should be awake, when I actually force myself to do so, I do not regret it. Sunrise has always been a time of great energy and exhilaration to me. All of nature is waking up. The morning birds are eagerly chirping, the grass and plants are wet and fresh with their natural dew shower, the air smells new and invigorating, and the sun is bursting like waves through every corner of darkness. 

Montezuma Wildlife Refuge is a favorite spot to walk our dog Scooter, and a favorite spot of mine to just breathe deep, take a short but brisk walk, and leave all technology at home to just be fully in the present moment

My personal work tends to focus more on the details, sometimes microscopic of nature or architecture. I love texture, I love color, and I love the hazy fall-off of lens focus that occurs so wonderfully at sunrise. 

The goal of this personal project was to feed my visual hunger for the things previously mentioned as well as to reinforce to myself the simple natural beauties that do not cease to put me back on track emotionally whenever I am off. It is important to recognize what truly makes us happy in life so that we can return to it in times of struggle. Nature at sunrise is a truly happy time and place for me. What is yours?